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Providing real-time insect detection and identification
Providing real-time insect detection and identification

Atolla Tech

Atolla Tech

Providing real-time insect detection and identification

Achieve 24 hour insect detection in order to assess field biodiversity (pollinators, predatory and insect pests) and receive timely geolocation based alerts for insect pests or beneficials.

How It Works

Atolla Tech has developed a sensor system that allows accurate identification of insects in flight. Our in-house identification algorithm references the specific insect identified with existing insect profiles, allowing accurate identification.

Upon the insect being categorised as an insect pest, an alert is sent to the grower alerting the grower of an infestation and providing a geolocation.

What We Offer

Atolla’s pest management solution provides...

Increased Yields

Better Quality Crop

Higher Price Points

We exceed other solutions in the market by providing...

Real-time alerts of pest activity

Beneficial insect activity maps

Early detection and identification of insects in the field

Full assessment of the field

Day or night monitoring

About Us

What we provide

Atolla Tech has been founded on a vision that early detection of small flying objects can save money and create a more sustainable agricultural production process. Our automated detection and treatment process places the grower a few steps ahead of the problem, leading to accurate treatment decisions; such as, choosing the time of day to avoid harming beneficial pests, choosing organic materials and biological solutions as opposed to harsh chemical solutions, or applying targeted sprays for mitigating drift.

Why Us

How we can help

Atolla Tech early warning technology will allow earlier identification of pests, categorization, localisation of damage early on in the insect lifecycle stage and provide additional savings for the farmer by reducing chemical use and costs. Early identification of insect pests can allow targeted spraying. This improved management, with lower chemical use and less insect damages to the crop allows growers to reach a higher price point.

about our services


Our Services

We provide our services on either an equipment sale or data as a service model.

24 Identification

Identify and classify insect pests on a 24 hr basis.

Pest Alert

Send automated alert to grower by app, SMS, or PC.


Provide real-time and historical insect data.


Integrate with additional sensor data.

Neighbourhood Alert

Provide adjoining farm alert.

Biodiversity Monitoring

Monitor presence and quantity of beneficials and predatory insects.


Financial investment and support

Atolla tech has been supported by NSF (SBIR Phase I and Phase II), USDA (SBIR Phase I) as well as C-Pass. It is also part of the Cornell Jacobs Institute program, with an equity investment and additional support offered. Further pre-seed investments have been made by private investors.
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